Monday, December 9, 2013

The Muffin Man. Was he a superhero or a comic book villain? Whatever the case, he fit well in the Flaming Carrot universe. And Flaming Carrot wearing a monocle? Probably a subliminal tip of the hat to my favorite French Secret Agent/detective THE MONOCLE, whose surreal stories and sang froid mannerisms definitely were a seminal influence on the Flaming Carrot character. Check out this sequence I can't believe this is on youtube. Hadn't seen iI was like, 14 years old.

Here's an "error page", a comic page done in error, when the artist kind of went crazy and did a whole page that wasn't part of the story, but just gibberish. This happens when the artist gets too far into the night, on a deadline. After working for 12 or 14 hours, anything can happen. 

Good old Sponge Boy having some fun.

Now, here's a few images from the first THRILLING VISIONS Volume, which is available in our kickstarter campaign also, but as a digital version.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

An interesting piece, done recently. 

This was titled "Model From The Fashion Display Exhibit From The 1934 World's Fair". I like the hat especially. I would hit on her with a hat like that. As long as she didn't look like Johnny Depp.

This is from the late 70's. I actually created these guys before I invented the Flaming Carrot. In both cases, I did not have to draw hair, which I was not good at, at the time. 
Mot much better at it now actually. 

This is from 1976. Another primitive, early one.

Another early one. Here's an excavation site with a giant thumb. I was riffing on the EC covers that all the collectors loved so much back then. 

Another very early and rather primitive cover concept from my early drawing days. 


This was actually the second ALL VILLAIN prototype cover that I did. This was from about 1977 or 78. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Great Race Print!

This is the coolest of all our incentives. 

Dave Sim, Kevin Eastman and I teamed up, and created this amazing, huge, colorful lithograph. Its on acid free paper, signed and numbered (by all three of us) and really huge. 

We actually came out with this print for the last Kickstarter, but late in the campaign, in the last few days, and we did not sell the whole run. So what's left are going into this drive.

We have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cerebus the Aardvark, Hugo Ball (on motorcycle) and Flaming Carrot, riding a flying dragon, with what looks like Tickle Me Elmo riding behind him and looking totally freaked out. 

Kevin (virtual saint that he is) did most of the work on this - pretty much all the background and sky - and it is really breathtaking. Wow!

We added another poster to this, and, Iu'm thinking, we may need to drop the price on these to move them better. I'll check with Kickstarter and see if i can do that. 

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Here's the cover!
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This is a collection of my drawings and musings. There's a lot of unseen Flaming Carrot drawings, including the first drawing of Flaming Carrot ever. There are lots of cool comic series concepts, unpublished comic covers, cartoons, and all kinds of weird stuff that was done over the last 30 years and have never seen the light of day.

No drones though. 

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